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Watchdogs Resurgence - VIzdev - 006

"What does it take for a man to lose his humanity? To lose sight of what's good and bad? To finally become the monster after walking on the thin line for so long ..I was there right in the middle when it all manifested. I knew it was happening. And, I let it. ..What would become of them? the 'collateral damage'? Would they ever see a soul worthy of forgiveness in me? ...No, I deserve no freedom, Gray. If these bars give them a sense of security and comfort, then I'm happy to be on the other side."

Here's a repenting Aiden reflecting his thoughts to a fellow prisoner. This actually, is a consequential event following a massacre in a riot against Blume Corp where Aiden was painted a scape-goat. He later surrenders himself to the law and meets a mysterious old man only known as Gray, who later plays a pivotal role in Aiden's redemption.

So that's all for this weekend's update guys! Will experiment with more aspects of the project next update. Have a great weekend!