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Watchdogs Resurgence - Vizdev - 005

BadGuy - "From where I stand, you are seriously outnumbered my friend. What worst could you possibly do to us? (mocking laugh in group)."

Fox - "From where I stand, each one of you are armed with a very personal bomb, that, with a slight magical gesture of my hand, would blow off a portion of your body at any moment. Maybe your leg, hand, chest or head, you never know. And if you are lucky, you would actually get some moment to lament over you mistake before the Lithium intoxication takes over. So, 'stay way' or my way?"

Fox intimating a group of thugs in the most classic way. So this time, I worked on some of his heroic moments, gambling with death and watching over his city. I'm thinking of a more chaotic cyber-anarchist environment with the launch of the more powerful CTOSv2, desperately calling for an external intervention for vigilance. This would serve as a good base for the story. Obviously, there will be a tumor (Noah) at the center of it which Fox needs to eradicate.