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Watchdogs Resurgence - Vizdev - 008

"I am not here to show who's good,, or bad. I am not a messenger or the right hand of God. I am just an answer to your anarchy.

I am an answer to the chaos you have orchestrated upon the innocents. An answer to the wildfire you have unleashed unto the world. An answer to the blood you have spilled onto the dirty vengeance- soaked mud of your creation. An answer to your question of existence. And today, you shall have your answer."

Fox delivering some pre-climax punch lines! Hey guys, so these days, I'm reserving some time for writings as well, hence the late update. It's super inspiring as well to see some new source of motivation like Jack Ryan. I am trying to keep all events to minimal and weave deeply around them for my story. Hopefully, it would conceive in the best way possible, in my capacity. Anyways, will update more soon, have a great weekend!