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Watchdogs - Resurgence - Vizdev - 01

Hi guys, so past few days I have been working on my own take on the character Aiden Pearce from Watchdogs. I really wanted to focus on how a person becomes a vigilante (who kills) and what is taken away as price. What thought process would they go through while executing their punishment? No matter how bad a person is, I think taking someone's life would always leave an impact. Most of the time, it is born out of vengeance or revenge, later developing into a wider responsibility. Hence the numbness towards their action.

Similarly here, I have painted Aiden as a disturbed vigilante, who is trying to reason the guilt of his niece's death, resulting into a killing spree in the name of protecting others, sometimes getting lost in his own righteousness and driven mad when reality finally hits. I think exploring vulnerabilities of a character makes it more interesting in a story. I hope you enjoy! Thanks!